Peter Spalton is... The Dating Doctor
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Improve Your Success at Dating

With a talent to help people of both sexes create relationships, the media have given me labels like the "Dating Doctor", "Body Boffin", "Dating Guru" , "Date Coach" and "Love Coach". But my real name is Peter Spalton and I work as a personal dating coach, professional speaker and writer.

I am an expert in the field of human interaction and non-verbal communications. After 26 years in marketing I combine selling skills with the science of body language and the art of flirting and seduction.

I have recently started to work with a fellow date coach, Bryony Anne, so together we can offer you much broader range of skills and experience. Click here to read all about Peter and Bryony. Together we offer one-2-one date coaching, either on the telephone or face to face. Mock dates and high-energy workshops that last a couple of hours. These take place in the evening and at the weekend.

You should look at our weblog and the help page on this web site to see how wecould help you find your soulmate, life partner or best friend.

Our Personal Values

Our values are about helping people find friends, soulmates and potential partners. We do not work with people to help them get a load of one-night stands.

Our values are all about respect for other people. For example, some of the skills and techniques that we encourage can be seen as manipulation. So if you attend one of our workshops or coaching sessions, we will ask you to show respect to other people and use your new-found skills without malice or the intention to harm. We call this deception without deceit, like the answer to the question "does my bum look big in this?"

What People Say about Peter's Work

Hi Peter, I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed the Flirting Safari. It certainly took me outside my comfort zone but was nonetheless very enjoyable. Shopping will never be boring again!

What to Say After Hello is probably one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Peter is an excellent facilitator and made it most enjoyable. Can't wait to put my newly honed social skills into action!

Peter, your Flirting Safari is an incredibly fantastic event. I cannot stop singing your praises

I attended your What to say after Hello talk on Monday and enjoyed it very much. I wish I'd learnt the art of small talk 20 years ago!

Thanks for the flirting lessons Peter. Very enlightening and entertaining!

Hi Peter - Thanks again for last night, it was a really good event and I know everyone I spoke to learned something new as well as had fun.

Hi Peter. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful evening yesterday. I certainly feel more confident now and able to approach groups! ....once again thank you for a wonderful and informative evening!

Thanks so much for your Speed Dating stuff Peter it was absolutely fab!! Wish I had it before I went on my first Speed dating event.

Hi, I had a great time on Learn how to Flirt Workshop, Peter's way of explaining how things should be done and the subjects he covered were easy to follow and it all made sense.

Hi Peter. Just a quick note to say thank you for providing us with such an entertaining and informative workshop on Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your tips and I'm sure I will be putting some of the more seductive ones into practice in the near future!!

Hi Peter, many thanks for the Flirting Safari I found it really enjoyable and useful..... I think differently now and I see more opportunities (and choice) than I did before the comfort zone has been expanded... nice one!